I love the Psalms. I once described them in a sermon as “The Walmart of the Bible”, by which I meant that they have pretty much everything you need in one place. Whether that was a wise description or not, I have found the Psalms a place to return to for personal study and prayer, as well as for sermons. Here are a few sermons based on specific psalms or parts of psalms. I have arranged them according to their placement in the Psalter rather than in the order I preached them.

Psalm 1-2 – “Happy” (audio)

Psalm 9-10 – “Praying in 3D” (audio)

Psalm 13 – “Problem Prayer” (audio)

Psalm 16 – “The Pleasure of Your Presence”

Psalm 20 – “Prayer Fit for a King”, Part 1

Psalm 20 – “Prayer Fit for a King”, Part 2

Psalm 29 – “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Psalm 45 – “The Royal Wedding”

Psalm 102

Part 1 – “My Days, His Years”

Part 2 – “Getting Into It” (listen)

Part 3 – “Centrifugal Prayer” (listen)

Part 4 – “Behold, the Man!” (listen)

Psalm 103

Part 1 – “Window on the World”

Psalm 103 – “Window on the World”

Part 2 – “Mirror of the Soul”

Part 3 – “Frame of Reference”

Psalm 107 – “The Ways of Our God”

Psalm 119:25-32 – “On the Run”

Psalm 119:65-72 – “Up to Know Good”

Psalm 137 – “Uncomfortable yet?”

Psalm 145 – “Instruction in Praise”